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Keep your skin healthy this fall

Autumn brings cooler weather (sweater weather!) and a drop in humidity, which makes for dry, stale air and even drier skin.

Many find that because of the heat in the summer, exfoliating regularly is a no-go! When we enter autumn, our skin’s reactivity and general sensitivity usually calm down and we can start exfoliating more.

Reducing the build-up of dead skin cells that will start to develop as the air gets cooler, exfoliating should be a regular part of your routine. For each of us the “how often” will vary.

How Do I Exfoliate and How Often?

Exfoliation at home is generally performed either manually by using scrubs, or through the method of dissolving connections between cells and sloughing away the dead ones with help of acids and enzymes – exfoliating masks.

Use of scrubs and brushes – mechanical type of exfoliation – is very popular. It is easy, fast, and seems to be effective. But, be careful with facial scrubs and exfoliating brushes. They are far from “every type of skin” use, when exfoliating masks could be beneficial for every and any type of skin. Mechanical types of exfoliation are not recommended for very sensitive or excessively oily types of skin, acneic or dry, blotchy and rosacea types. It could bring more harm than revealed healthy skin.  Body skin is different from face skin and will be happy to renew with body scrubs and body exfoliating masks.

What Products Should I Use to Exfoliate?

Millabel has created several exfoliation products that gently, but efficiently exfoliate the skin. Each unique product is made with natural ingredients that are not just exfoliating, but nourishing, healing, and essential to reveal your brightest, most radiant skin.

Face-Body Scrub Cream

Dual-use scrub cream perfectly eliminates and attenuates all impuries and dead cells by mechanical action, improving skin elasticity and moisturising, as well as provide soft and refreshing feeling.

Millabel Peel Off

Its fine grains gently buff away dirt, impurities and dead surface cells. Attenuates freckles and skin hyperpigmentations.

Either way, listen to your skin. If it’s not feeling so great after even a gentle exfoliation, pair back how often you’re working it into your routine.

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