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4-DON’Ts & 5-NEEDs if you have acne, rosacea, eczema skin problems

Although the epidemic is gradually slowing down, face masks are still indispensable in life. Epidemic prevention has become a new daily life, but it has also caused more and more complex skin problems. How to maintain skin health with face mask on is a new skin care challenge!

3 major skin problems: acne, rosacea, eczema

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the top three skin problems caused by wearing face masks and constantly disinfection are: acne skin, rosacea dermatitis and eczema (such as contact dermatitis). Wearing a face mask for more than 6 hours a day increases the chance of multiple skin problems. This is due to the face mask rubs against the skin or the strap is too tight, or due to allergic to the metal strips on face mask, or due to additional chemical on face mask during production, or the face mask is not clean enough to wear, etc., it is easy to cause irritating dermatitis under long-term of wearing a face mask.

In addition, the breathing air will flow back into the face mask, causing the increase in temperature in the face mask will cause thermal friction; the water vapor created when breathing stays inside the face mask, the temperature and humidity increase, which will make the sebaceous glands produce oil vigorously, which will clog the pores and cause acne or acne problems. Some face masks contain fragrances, preservatives, which may also cause allergic problems for certain people.

The 4-DON’Ts
When you facing skin problems such as dryness and scaling, sensitive redness, and skin acne, it is easy to mess up your daily maintenance. At this time, we must keep in mind the “4 NOs” in order to prevent the skin from being damaged again.

  1. Don’t use cleansing products with irritating ingredients: Avoid irritating ingredients, which will cause more sensitive and uncomfortable skin conditions.
  2. Don’t use hot water to wash your face: hot water with too high temperature will damage the sebum film, resulting in a decrease in barrier protection.
  3. Don’t overuse the facial mask: Inflamed or sensitive skin is prone to more severe inflammation due to the facial mask being used for too long, too stuffy, or relatively complex ingredients.
  4. Don’t make skin care routine complicated: When the skin is itchy and irritated, simplify the skin care steps first. Choose moisturizing products with multi-effect repairing effects and avoiding the use of irritating ingredients.

The 5-NEEDs
In addition to protecting the skin from damage, it is also important to strengthen the skin barrier and quickly repair multiple skin problems while it is damaged.

  1. Need to clean regularly: Clean your face regularly in the morning and evening to avoid grease, dirt and sweat remaining on the skin.
  2. Need to moisturize and repair in time: When the skin is red, swollen and uncomfortable, it will cause the skin to lack of moisture if you don’t take care of it immediately, which may lead to subsequent problems. It is recommended to choose ingredients that have both repairing & moisturizing effects, such as provitamin B5, etc., which has soothing and repairing skin barrier function in order to improve skin inflammation or relieve any discomfort feelings.
  3. Need to apply sunscreen: sunscreen every day and reapply them in time to prevent the deterioration of skin problems caused by ultraviolet rays, especially rosacea problems, which is easily caused by ultraviolet rays.
  4. Need to replace: Disposable face masks should be replaced immediately when the inner layer of the face mask is dirty or wet. The face mask should not be worn too tightly and excessively. If you have sensitive or allergic skin problems, you should avoid using fragrance face mask and other face mask products containing fragrance ingredients.
  5. Need to treat: When the skin has serious discomfort, redness, swelling, itching and other problems, do not scratch too much to avoid bacterial infection of the wound. It is advisable to consult a professional MILLABEL Skincare Expert as soon as possible, and do not delay treatment to avoid serious sequelae.

Soothing skin care products recommendation


A savior for sensitive and troubled skin. Calmante Latte is a cleansing Milk with anti-inflammatory, soothing and skin conditioning effects that forms a protective film on the skin, acting like an “invisible bandage”. Immediately after use, it can relieve irritation, relieve redness and discomfort of the skin, rebuild the skin barrier and strengthen the adjustment and balance function, accelerate the repair of damaged parts of the skin, and rapidly improve the defense ability against external sensitive factors.


A serum perfectly suited for sensitive skin. Hyaluronic acid and lecithin keep the skin moisturizing at the maximum level of protection. Effectively enhance the moisturizing percentage of the skin, penetrate in seconds when tapped, great skin rejuvenation effect, and instantly inject double moisturizing ingredients into the skin! It not only provides endless and top moisturizing effect for a long time, but also visibly calms redness and helps the absorption of follow-up skin care products. The rich ingredients serum also brings amazing youthful effects: smoothen fine lines and refines pores. With continuous use, the skin is firmer and softer.


High concentration provitamin B5 moisturizing cream. Strengthens the skin and restores its mineral content, giving it a new health – looking glow. Moreover, Renewal Cream keeps skin soft, smooth and healthy. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help stimulate your skin’s healing processes.

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