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Choose the correct natural skincare product

Now that everyone is more and more pursuing minimalist skin care, there are also many products with the slogan of natural products on the market!
Natural products which mean using minimalist and natural ingredients that can reduce the burden on the skin and allow nature skin maintenance!

1 Pay attention to the ingredient list for any substances that are irritating to the skin.

Ingredient listings for skin care products must be 100% transparent, label all ingredients used, and must be safe and non-hazardous.
All MILLABEL products are free of Paraben, coloring, silicone, mineral oil, and 0% aluminum, so even sensitive skin can use it with confidence!

2 No animal ingredients

Although animal ingredients are also a kind of natural ingredients, Millabel uses vegan to eliminate animal ingredients, so that products will not be tested on animals in the process of research and development as well as production. This is also a kind of animal cruelty-free guarantee!
MILLABEL does not harm any life while giving the skin the most effective and safe care! And we don’t use anything that contain animal ingredients.

3 Is the packaging plastic-reduced/biodegradable?

After all, if it can be taken from nature while giving back to nature and reducing pollution to nature, that would be the best!
MILLABEL product packaging also minimizes contamination! The plastics on the packaging are reduced by 50%, and the materials used are also environmentally friendly recycled materials!

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