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Avoid mistakes when taking care of your skin

Wrong skin care method can ruin your skin! Today, MILLABEL has sorted out some skin care misunderstandings that are prone to mistakes. Let’s take a look how to avoid and stop damaging our skin.

Skincare Mistake 1 – More sun exposure can make your skin healthier.

In fact, prolonged exposure to the sun can promote skin aging. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid strong light exposure to the skin, and to prevent peeling due to strong light exposure.

Skincare Mistake 2 – Use the mask daily to replace daily skin care.

Although applying a mask can double the effect of skin care, it is not a substitute for daily skin care, it is only a supplement to daily skin care. In fact, after applying the mask, you must also remember to apply a series of daily skin care steps such as essence and lotion, so as to make the effect of the mask better.

Skincare Mistake 3 – Apply fragrances to exposed skin.

Fragrances should generally not be applied to exposed skin because it can significantly accelerate the aging of the skin, as it has a great stimulating effect on the skin. Some fragrances also undergo chemical changes when exposed to UV light, which can lead to skin irritation.

Skincare Mistake 4 – Frequently wash face with hot water.

Many people who love cleanliness think that as long as you wash your face frequently and wash your face with hot water, your face will be cleanse thoroughly and good for the skin. However, the result of doing so can only make the skin dry and sensitive, resulting in a sensitive skin. In fact, you don’t need to wash your face often, as long as you wash your face once in the morning and in the evening with warm water will be sufficient enough.

Skincare Mistake 5 – Eye cream only needed after age of 25.

In fact, young women in their 20s can also use eye cream. Because the skin around the eyes is very thin and there are fewer oil glands, wrinkles are prone to appear, so it is still necessary to moisturize the eye skin in time according to your own conditions. However, it should be noted that ordinary moisturizing cream cannot be used instead of eye cream, because ordinary moisturizing cream will be too oily, causing puffy eyes and fat particles.

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