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Restore Barrier Crema – with Borage Oil & Organic Blueberry

60ml ℮ 2.0 fl. oz

Light texture soothing cream, it provides comfort and relief to delicate skin and sensitive to the aggressions of external agents. One of the main functions is to create a natural barrier against potential irritants, such as surfactants or changes in temperature and humidity. This product contains a soothing and moisturizing multifunctional complex, helping restore the natural defense of sensitive skin.
Active ingredients: Bisabolol, Borage oil, Horse Chestnut extract, Licorice extract, Panthenol, Butcher’s-broom extract, organic Blueberry extract.

Suitable for
Dry Sensitive Skin, Redness Skin, Eczema Skin

How to use
After cleansing, massage on face gently.

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