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Len Crema – Protective-Soothing With Zinc Oxide & Glycirrhetic Acid

50ml ℮ 1.69 fl. oz

Protective-soothing cream particularly indicated in case of erythema, chapping, skin burns and irritations, by insect bites included. It is useful to treat perigenital rashes and, as cosmetic adjuvant in anti-inflammatory therapies.
Thanks to the presence of zinc oxide and glycirrhetic acid, Len Crema protects the skin carrying out, at the same time, a high moisturizing and anti-reddening activity.
Active ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Glycyrrhetinic Acid, Vitamin E
Fragrance Free.

Suitable for
Skin With Redness, Inflamed Skin, Sensitive Skin, Mosquito Bites

How to use
Apply a small quantity on the area to treat once or more a day. Leave to act as long as possible.

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