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GIOVANI Stop-Ag Crema – Regain Softness & Elasticity Anti-Age Cream

50ml ℮ 1.6 fl. oz

Anti-aging cream, recommended for rough and dull skin. Mature skin can suffer from dehydration and lack of lipids. The deficiency of water and emollients may limit the skin barrier functions and make it more permeable to chemical and physical agents, promoting the appearance of wrinkles. The selected active substances replenish lipids and moisturisers, necessary to maintain the right water ratio, and help to restore the barrier function. The skin regains softness and elasticity.
Cautions: Avoid contact with eyes.

Suitable for
Aging skin, Rough and dull skin, Mature skin, Dry oily skin, Wrinkled skin

How to use
Apply by massaging gently.

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