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Calmante Latte – Soothing Milk with Organic Horsetail Extract

200ml ℮ 6.76 fl. oz

Delicate and creamy cleansing milk, it removes impurities preserving the skin hydrolipidic balance.
Calmante Latte is a cleansing Milk with anti-inflammatory, soothing and skin conditioning effects. It has astringent and repairing effects on connective tissue, inhibiting dermatitis and enhancing skin metabolism. It has a constricting effect on capillaries, and at the same time can revitalize the skin, anti-aging and moisturizing.
Its principle ingredient: Horsetail has firming, anti-inflammatory, and soothing effect, leaving the skin soft and supple.

Suitable for
All skin type, especially sensitive skin, dry skin, mature skin.

How to use
Massage gently on face and neck. Remove with fresh water or a cotton pad.
Cautions: Avoid contact with eyes.

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